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An alert civil-law notary

A man went to a civil-law notary to establish a private limited company. The man submitted the required documents to prove that he was independently authorized to handle the affairs of several private limited companies. A striking fact was that, without exception, the private limited companies were established over a hundred kilometres away from the notary’s business address. In addition, the man lived near the business addresses of the private limited companies. The objects clause of the new private limited company stated the trade in household goods. Based on the request for his services, the civil-law notary investigated the businesses and the man himself. It turned out that both the man and the businesses could be linked to shady practices. This gave the civil-law notary the impression that it was likely that the objects clause stated would not match the company’s actual business activities. Given his findings, trade in or production of narcotic substances would be more likely. This also explained the illogical action of the man seeking notary services this far away from home. The civil-law notary refused to cooperate, and reported the intended establishment of the company to FIU. FIU determined that the Civil-law notary had been right. There were clear indications that it was indeed highly likely that the private limited company would be used for criminal purposes. The intended establishment was designated suspicious and forwarded to the police.