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Confiscation stops thief!

Late one afternoon in early March, FIU-Slovenia contacted FIU-the Netherlands about an urgent matter. The sum of a quarter of a million euros had been transferred from a Dutch bank account to an account with a bank in Slovenia. The Slovenian bank had some suspicions and therefore reported the transaction to the FIU in Slovenia, who immediately passed on the information to FIU-the Netherlands.

FIU-the Netherlands quickly established that the amount had been transferred to the bank account in Slovenia through a fraudulent transfer. Internationally operating fraudsters had set up a so-called CEO-fraud. The accounts department of a Dutch company was misled by a fictitious order from the company’s CEO. In this way an invoice was ‘paid’ not by transferring the money to the actual supplier, but by a transfer to a business account controlled by the fraudsters. 

Thanks to the rapid response of the Slovenian bank, direct cooperation between the two FIUs, and swift action by the police and the bank in question in the Netherlands, the sum was immediately frozen, which put it out of the fraudster’s reach. Immediately after the money had been secured, all the necessary information was supplied to the police in Slovenia. In consultation with the Dutch police a criminal investigation was launched, which is currently under way. The money has been retransferred to the bank account of the defrauded company.