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Have you registered?

Have you registered as a reporting entity?

- No, I have not yet registered

If you have not registered, you can simply go through the following steps:

·       Step 1: Do you want to register now?

Do you know already that you have an obligation to report? Please read here how you can register easily and quickly. Proceed to step 2 if you are unsure whether the obligation to report applies to you.

·       Step 2: Do I actually have an obligation to report?

The Wwft Act determines to whom the Act applies under the term ‘entity’ (see Section 1 of the Wwft Act). The term ‘entity’ includes legal entities, but also natural persons. In addition, it mentions several services and activities that are exempt from the obligation to report.

Please find a list of entities that have an obligation to report here.

On the left hand side of the menu you can find all relevant information about the obligation to report, the registration process, the indicators and the Service desk’s contact details.

·       Step 3: Do you have a obligation to report?

If you have an obligation to report, you can read here how to register quickly and easily. 

- Yes, I have registered

Please proceed directly to the reporting portal if you have registered.