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Hidden away, but still discovered

An FIU-the Netherlands analysis led to the discovery of a recurrent pattern of cash payments followed by giro transfers to the Far East: two Asian men –independently- frequently paid large sums of money into separate bank accounts, after which transfers took place to one and the same beneficiary in China. It also became clear that, in addition to the giro transfers, both men had sent money transfers to China. The total amount of their dealings was some 900,000 euro, which amount bore no relation whatsoever to their legitimate income and property.

The various police databases contained intelligence that the two men were involved in the illegal cultivation of cannabis. The transactions were declared suspicious, and the file was passed on to an investigation team which later had the homes of the two men searched. During the searches, secret hiding places containing considerable amounts of cash were discovered. Shortly after, one of the suspects was traced and arrested on a money laundering charge. The name of the other suspect is included in the national indices of wanted persons.