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Kind-hearted criminals?

Individuals with a criminal background donated a large cash sum to a charitable foundation. This is a summary of the contents of a report from one of our foreign counterparts that made its way to the screens of FIU-Netherlands. In the country in question, well-known drug traffickers had handed over a wad of banknotes to a foundation with an idealistic mission. One of the officers of FIU-Netherlands searched through our data in relation to the individuals in question and found out that they had also carried out financial transactions in the Netherlands. They had spent almost half a million euros on cars, for example. Without exception, these vehicles were paid for in cash. In addition, the individuals spent €150,000 on gambling transactions in casinos. A file was drawn up and passed on to the FIU in the country in which the donation had been carried out; that FIU will carry out a more detailed investigation.