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New case: Not the shortest route

Two months ago, the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service searched a house and a business premises and seized considerable assets, including a car that was transported to the State Property Service by means of a recovery vehicle. This was the preliminary result of a long investigation that was launched on the basis of an FIU file.

The immediate reason for the file was a report about a completed transaction and a transaction that was still to be carried out, together amounting to several hundred thousand euros. The money came from an international corporate structure and was ultimately to be credited to a private account. The analysis pointed to financial traces in Montenegro and Switzerland.

Investigations conducted in cooperation with the Swiss and Montenegrin FIUs revealed what was hidden behind the transaction in question. Originally, the money had been transferred from Switzerland to the corporate account in Montenegro. From this account, the money was transferred to the account of a private limited company in the Netherlands. Subsequently, this private limited company instructed the institution that reported the transaction to credit the amount to a Dutch citizen’s private account. However, the reporting institution refused to carry out this transaction because the origin of the money was insufficiently explained. Documents were requested to substantiate the reason given – a loan, but these documents were not provided. This resulted in the unusual transaction report.

The reporting institution’s doubts turned out to be wholly justified. The three cooperating FIUs were able to establish that the money came originally from a Swiss bank account. The authorized user of this account was the Dutch citizen who was also the recipient of the loan that had been specified. So, using an international route, he tried to receive the money secretly into his own Dutch private account. Further investigation showed that the individual was somehow involved in all companies that were used. FIU-the Netherlands made an official report of findings, following which the Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service launched its investigation. 

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