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Not so lucky after all

Within two months, a casino visitor deposited nearly €200,000 into the deposit he had opened. The casino was unable to establish that the payments were derived from winnings, as the person making the deposits claimed. The deposits were reported as unusual transactions. FIU-the Netherlands was able to establish that the man had been in contact with the police several times for drugs trafficking and property crimes.

An investigation was launched, based on the report FIU-the Netherlands provided to the police, which showed that the man did not have enough legal income or property to make these large deposits. When the police entered the man’s house to arrest him for money laundering, it turned out that he was staying in Turkey, his country of birth. What the police did find in his home was a very exclusive interior and, on the top floor, remnants of dried cannabis. The man’s wife, who was present at the time, was arrested immediately. A month later, the man was arrested when he reported to the police.

When the police asked how he had come to the police station, he pointed to a Mercedes Benz with a market value of €40,000. The police promptly seized the car. Besides the car, the police also seized the new interior of the suspect’s house, along with the house itself, for which the mortgage had already been paid off in part. The suspect remained firmly silent about the origin of his wealth. The asset calculation showed that the suspect had €380,000 more at his disposal than he could legitimately claim to own.

By now, the suspect has been summoned and will have to explain the situation to the Court. The investigation was prompted by the unusual transaction reports.