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Securing money for one’s own benefit?

A bank branch noticed that an account holder had made two cash withdrawals of tens of thousands of euros within a short space of time, which this customer had never done before. The bank carried out an investigation and concluded that the money had been transferred to the account of one of the account holder’s companies shortly before the withdrawals. As this was unusual, the transaction was reported, though it had not been noticed until several months after the actual withdrawals took place.

Further investigation by FIU-the Netherlands showed that the company the money came from had gone bankrupt three months after the money was transferred. Fraudulent bankruptcy was the most obvious conclusion. The transactions were labelled suspicious, and the information about the transaction was handed over to the investigative services.

Recently, FIU-the Netherlands inquired about the results of the investigation and was told that the receiver had kept the fact within the winding up of the bankruptcy. As a result, prosecution was not expedient. If the receiver had reported the case, the transaction information could have served as evidence in a criminal trial.