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Social security fraud

There is fraud with major consequences and fraud with smaller consequences. As far as FIU-the Netherlands is concerned, the scope of the damage caused by the fraud is not always the deciding factor; the impact on society may also be important.

On the basis of a cooperation agreement with the Public Prosecution Service and the Department of Work and Income (DWI) of a municipality in the Netherlands, FIU-the Netherlands launched an investigation into possible social security fraud. During a number of months, data of a group of people that the DWI designated as an increased risk group were matched. As a result, 88 individuals came to the fore who carried out transactions that were not in line with their supposed financial situation. The 2189 transactions they carried out during the period they received social security benefits amounted to a total sum of €4,016,287.

A random example is a man who, during the time he received security social benefits, transferred a sum of €50,000 in 49 transactions to third parties abroad. According to the destitute situation he had described to the DWI, this would have been absolutely impossible. Eventually, official reports were drawn up against 69 of the 88 people. They had carried out transactions for a total of €2,644,181, which was not in line with the information they provided to DWI about their financial situations.

By now, the fraud cases of 48 people have been dealt with; they wrongfully received benefits. The sum of the benefits they fraudulently received has been set at €673,118. This sum has been raised with a fine of 100%, and will be recovered from the offenders. The remaining cases are currently being dealt with. Charges were pressed against several frauds.

In 2014 & 2015, FIU-the Netherlands will continue this type of investigation in cooperation with several Public Prosecution Services and municipalities.