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Spread unchecked

Last month three accused heard sentences of up to 16 months demanded against them for fraud and embezzlement of more than one million euros.

The swindle started with a company in the Far East. Through fraudulent activities, an amount of one million euros was transferred from this company to a Dutch corporate account of a company of one of the three suspects. Subsequently, part of the money was withdrawn from cashpoints and part of it was transferred to companies of the other suspects. Investigation of the transaction files of FIU-Netherlands showed that, in addition to the above financial transactions, cash was withdrawn from one bank account and then paid in cash into other bank accounts. In addition some tens of thousands of euros had been transferred to recipients in several countries. The amount had as it were rapidly spread unchecked.

The information from the FIU-analysis was shared with the police investigate team, which immediately took action to recover as much money as possible.  Eventually, the team managed to recover the total amount less some two hundred thousand euros.  By order of the Public Prosecutor the recovered amount was returned to the injured company. The Public Prosecutor will reclaim the missing amount from the accused by a confiscation order.