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The bird has flown

Since 2008, it has been obligatory for travellers entering or leaving the European Union to report to the Customs Service when they are carrying more than 10,000 euro in cash. Abiding by this new rule, a man on his way to his country of birth reported to the Customs at Schiphol Airport, handed them some 50,000 euro in cash, filled in the forms, signed, and got on his plane.                                                                                                                              

FIU-the Netherlands always screens these kinds of report in their database, sometimes in real-time, sometimes at a later date. In this case, it later appeared that the man in question had gone bankrupt, and that many creditors were still waiting for their money. The outstanding money came to an amount many times higher than the 50,000 euro. As this meant that the man had possibly withdrawn money from his bankruptcy intentionally, the case should perhaps be looked into in more detail. FIU-the Netherlands passed the information on to an investigative service, and, should the man return to the Netherlands, chances are he will be arrested on a charge of fraudulent bankruptcy.