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How to report?

To report unusual transactions, you need a computer with an internet connection.

On 14 May 2011, FIU-the Netherlands implemented a new system for reporting and processing unusual transaction. If this is the first time you want to report after this date, please register first.

There are two options for submitting your report: either you submit an XML Report, or you complete a reporting form.

- Submitting an XML report (for large numbers of reports)

This method can be used when you submit hundreds to thousands of reports. We request you to contact the Service desk if you wish to use this option. 

- Completing a report form

This reporting method is suitable if you complete the reports by hand. Please click here for the reporting manual. When you log into the Reporting portal home page, you will find a number of scenarios with even more specific manuals for completing report forms. 

If you have any questions, please contact the FIU-the Netherlands Service desk on weekdays from 08:30-21:00hrs at telephone number +31 (0)88-6629500, or email to