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FIU-the Netherlands distinguishes between registered entities and registered users for these reporting entities. If you are the only or first person who registers for an entity, you will be the main user. You can also register for an already registered reporting entity. This makes you a sub user.

To register a reporting entity and the accompanying main user, please:

1.    Complete the registration form at the reporting portal. Click on the option ‘register organization for the first time’. Then choose your own username and password.

2.    Because you are the main user, you must add a copy of your passport or ID card and confirm that you are indeed authorized to report unusual transactions for your company. You will find an example of this document here.

To register a user for an already registered entity, please complete the registration form at the reporting portal. Choose the option ‘register a person for an existing reporting entity’. Fill in the unique Reporting ID on the report form. You can ask the main user of your entity for this number. The number can be found at the reporting portal under ‘My Reporting Portal’ by the main user.

When the FIU-the Netherlands has received and approved the registration form – and in the case of a main reporter, also the copy of the passport or ID card and the confirmation – you will be informed by email. You can expect a message within five workdays. From then, you can log into the reporting portal, using the username and password you chose on the registration form. It is therefor essential that you remember this combination.

Service desk

Please contact the FIU-the Netherlands Service desk if you have any questions on workdays from 08:30-21:00hrs at telephone number +31 (0)88-6629500 or by email to