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Reporting procedure

Below you will find all the steps of the reporting procedure. If you pass through these steps one by one, your report will properly reach FIU-the Netherlands:

Step 1
Please check here whether you have an obligation to report.

Step 2
Have you registered? Since May 2011, FIU-the Netherlands has been using a new system for reporting and processing unusual transactions*. You need to register if you are reporting for the first time, or have not reported since May 2011.

Step 3
Please complete the registration form at the reporting portal.

Step 4
If you are the first or the only person registering for your entity, please also complete an identification form and add a copy of your ID to the registration form.

If you are the second or third person registering for an entity, please fill in your entity's ReportingID on the registration form. You can ask users that have already registered for this ReportingID. FIU-the Netherlands will confirm your registration within 3 workdays.

Step 5
You log in at the reporting portal with the username and password you chose on the registration form.

Step 6
There are two options for submitting your report: either you complete a reporting form, or you submit an XML Report. The latter option is for reporting parties who submit hundreds to thousands of reports.

We advise you to print and read the reporting portal manual before you use the new system for the first time.

* Unusual transactions should be taken to include both intended and completed transactions.