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Unsecured loans

Law enforcement agencies all over the world work together on money laundering investigations that reach far beyond national borders. In one investigation, for instance, it emerged that a Dutch criminal organization controlled several companies based outside the Netherlands. The investigation team held a day of action and carried out dozens of raids in four different countries, confiscating, among other things, several million euros in cash and real estate.

This investigation prompted FIU-the Netherlands to analyse its data files. The analysis showed that a non-resident account with a financial institution in the Netherlands had been used to finance real estate. The bank account was held in the name of a company with registered offices abroad, which turned out to be in the hands of the same criminal investigation. Premises were bought for €500,000 and resold six months later for €1,300,000. For this purpose, the buyer received a mortgage loan from the company with offices abroad, the holder of the non-resident bank account. In this way, the seller notched up a legal, tax-free profit of €800,000. The buyer was anything but wealthy, and for this reason the loan for purchasing the premises was issued with virtually no securities. The whole operation turned out to be a money-laundering construction in which all the parties involved had been in collusion. The findings were made available to the investigation team.