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Relevant cases

From winning at the casino without gambling to smuggling drugs in sea containers

An observant reporting party noticed that one of the visitors to their casino was hardly gambling at all with the tokens he had bought earlier that evening...
Relevant cases

The gold dealer

As a flight was delayed, Customs were able to perform more thorough checks on a gold dealer carrying tens of kilograms of scrap gold and cash money...
Relevant cases

Premises for crime

In the Netherlands, real estate is one of the sectors at risk when it comes to money laundering. There is, however, another reason why real estate merits our gatekeepers’ attention. After all, crime itself needs premises to thrive. Examples include cannabis cultivation, hard drug production, and human trafficking – whose victims need a place to stay.
Annual Review

Annual Review 2021

Relevant cases

Not the advice hoped for

A consultancy firm was asked to give advice on the purchase of a piece of real estate...
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